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Tasting Notes:
Glen Oak © is a unique beer in the world.Its beautiful honey-colored invites us to drink from the serve, with a rich, creamy foam and clear.The nose is complex mixture between French oak and the coolness of hops to give us a full beer to revel in its constant evolution in the glass.
The taste is smooth and flavorful aftertaste that evokes spices such as vanilla from Madagascar or Jamaican peppers unto a moderate bitterness, a fine and well integrated, resulting bubble of a second natural fermentation in the bottle, offering us a drink gourmet designed for enjoyment.
Its mild carbonation due to 100% handmade process of development and complexity of the flavors and perfumes exalted by contributions Oak Glen Oak © make a unique beer in the world that allows us to enjoy all kinds of dishes, both processed and fresh, extolling the raw materials and flavors of marriage and cleaning and cooling our mouth to prepare it for the next bite.
Ingredients: Water
Barley malt: Pilsner and CaramelBlossoming hops: Saaz and FugglesYeast.
Alcohol: 6.2% vol
IBU: 24



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