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OAK MASTER® improves the sensory properties of wines and spirits by releasing moderate amounts of the compounds involved in the senses of smell and taste.  The organoleptic benefits of using  OAK MASTER® infusion closures for wine, beer and spirits vary according to the botanical source of the wood, their origin, weight, and the toasting intensity received .
OAK MASTER® infusion closures are principally characterized by their antioxidant properties and, thanks to their ellagitannin content they also help to enhance the wine’s, beers and spirits structure by increasing the sensation of volume in the mouthfeel, adding sweetness (thanks to the oak’s polysaccharides) and help preserve varietal characteristics by absorbing the volatile compounds in the wine that produce undesirable aromas.
french medium.jpg
OAK MASTER® french oak medium

• Enhances aromatic complexity by transferring vanilla and spice aromas.

• Preserves the wine's natural fruitiness due to its slow, gradual transfer of oak aromas.

• Creates a structured mouthfeel thanks to its ellagitannin content.




"French oak contains high concentrations of spice and balsam aromatic compounds. It is also characterized by its high concentrations of eugenol (spice aromas) and maltol (roasted and caramel aromas)". 

american medium.jpg




"American oak contains higher concentrations of volatile compounds and derivatives of thermal degradation of lignin and lower concentrations of ellagitannins. It enhances the wine's and spirits organoleptic properties by transferring characteristic compounds like cis-whisky-lactone (vanilla)".

OAK MASTER® american oak medium

• Minimizes modification of the wine's tannin profile due to its low ellagitannin content. Has less impact on structured mouthfeel than European oaks.

• Has  short-term organoleptic impact due to its high volatile compound content.

• This oak rapidly transfers its characteristic aromas to the wine, 

french dark.jpg
american dark.jpg
OAK MASTER® french oak dark
French oak dark toasted stoppers are characterized by the dark chocolate, caramel, coffee, roasted and subtly spicy aromas typical of fine hardwood. 
OAK MASTER® american oak dark
American oak dark toasted has a high glycosidic polymer content that produces toasted, caramel and roasted notes and significantly increases the wine's aromatic complexity. 


“The addition of alternative products to wine was approved and legislated by the European Community (EC 2165/2005 and EC 1507/2006) and has defined the standards for the use of wood pieces in the production of wines and the labeling thereof (Regulation EC No. 1507/2006).


Also meets the requirements Regulation (EC) No. 450/2009 of 29 May 2009 on active and intelligent materials and devices intended to come into contact with food, and the requirements of Regulation 1935/2004.


​Adaptation of this alternative closure in the winemaking process, achieved extremely positive results in various fields: innovation, economic, environment and educational.


IP INFORMATION "Oak Master" brand is protected by Spanish trademark registration No. 3507760 and European Union trademark aplication No. 15946569.


The products are under protection of Spanish Utility model ES1081854/U201300085, granted and in force, as well as by means of Registered Community Designs Nos. 002584920-0001, 002473058-0001, 002473058-0002, 002473058-0003,  002473058-0004, 002473058-0005, 002473058-0006, 002929034-0001, 002929034-0002, 002929034-0003, and 002929034-0004 and Registered Spanish Designs Nos. 521513-001/0002/0003/0004/0005 and 0006. Design protection is also available in China (No. 201430483639.0) and the United States of America (No. D29/510,430. 


Demarks, IP Boutique Firm is managing and enforcing my portfolio of Intellectual Property rights.

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