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vara/palo® Organic red wine

Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla


· Type: Red, oak mastered with new French oak (medium toasted ) closures.

· Varieties: Coupage Tempranillo 60%  Monastrell 40%

· Alcoholic content: 14% alc/vol

· Serving Temperature: 16-18º C






We offer you the unique experience of pairing different food dishes with wines from the same varietal, origin and vintage. Keeping a homogeneous line in which only changes the aromas and flavors through the different origins of oak and the intensity of toasting. The brand "vara/palo®” is the second  collection of organic red wines that offers in the same wine, up to 3 different organoleptic qualities.


We recommend pairing the salads and entrees with "vara/palo”" natural (not oaked). For starters such as foie gras, croquettes, we propose to serve  "vara/palo” OAKMASTER® american medium. And for the main course in the case of game meats or flavored dishes, might serve “vara/palo” OAK MASTER® french dark.





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