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Red Hall
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Jasper W Cumming Macaulay
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The introduction of the  Macaulay & Cumming Heritage Collection,  pays homage to its origins and the land on which it established its roots in 1876, distilling Mediterranean influences with the smoky land of northern Scotland and Ireland





Our History


Glen Oak, Antrim County, Northern Ireland is the place where   Macaulays  and their descendants  by binding  the Cummings, our direct ancestors who were established permanently  in Alicante  in the XIX century. Our Macaulay family that settled in Northern Ireland in the early 16th century, after leaving Argyll fields  in Scotland  were directly linked to the Ardencaple Macaulays.  


Robert Macaulay (b1788 - d1864)  Macaulay family of Crumlin, Larne and Redhall. In 1830, Robert  acquired   the Crumlin Mill in Glen Oak  powered by water from the River Camlin. It processed 3000 tonnes of wheat and the same amount of oats and barley. Robert also founded Robert & Son Co millers and flour merchants in Inver Mills, Larne in 1854, with their  office at 59 Donegall Quay in Belfast. In 1854 his daughter Elizabeth Macaulay (b1816 - d1854) married John Cumming, a wine and spirit merchant, with a store at Donegall street and residence in Crumlin Terrace, Belfast and a descendant of  John Cumming of Midlothian Parish in Edinburgh,  who belonged to the Cumming Clan,  and was in his turn a descendant of Richard Comyn uncle of  John Comyn The Red, co-leader with William Wallace in the War of Independence, who was murdered by Robert the Bruce in Dumfries in 1306.


John Cumming and Elizabeth Macaulay´s  sons, Jasper and Robert settled the Cumming Brothers Company in Alicante   in 1876 as traders, being appointed by the H.M   Vice-Consuls of Great Britain in Alicante and Malaga  for his services to the crown. After three generations dedicated during the tumultuous twentieth century to the service and defense of Great Britain and Spain, the company MACAULAY & CUMMING HERITAGE , established in 2014, is specialized in marketing their own   brands in wines, beers, spirits ,  JARABE DE PALO®,  GLEN OAK® , VARA/PALO®.


The pursuit of excellence and the use of oak with the innovative (OAK MASTER® closures) are the common element, essential and evocative axis of our products.


"The Oak tree is a sacred ancient symbol of power and strength which represents the essence of nature and man and whose medicinal properties have been  appreciated since the time of the Druids "


History: Cumming Brothers (successors of Jasper White and Co.) agents for several English and American Banks. Branch of the Bank of Spain. established in 1876 in Alicante as a partnership by Robert & Van Dulken, its managing director being Gerard Van Dulken Records 1: at ABE, Sucursales, Alicante: 1892-98; in letters of procuration register; : letters of procuration 1895-97.





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