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We create innovative concepts. License and assign our  patents and brands portfolio (4 utility models,  21 design patents ES, EU, US, CHN, 3d in RD, 6 registered trademarks) to  industrial groups.

INNOVATION PROJECTS, BRING IDEAS TO LIFE, creates value, new concepts, branding and new business models.


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We franchise, license per product, area and countries our innovative  OAK MASTER® infusion closures. With the development of a detailed study of aging   wines, beers and  spirits in   contact with the Oak Master® infusion closure, we obtain  to round off and polishing their compounds inside the bottle  .  Oak Master ® improves sensory properties of wines and spirits by releasing moderate amounts of compounds involved in the senses of smell, taste and    different aromas regarding the oak origin (french or american) weight and toasted degree applied. OAK MASTER TRADEMARK

SHOWERSCALE® System. (patent granted) First shower tray that incorporates a weighing scale, thermometer, wacht, timer. The idea of integrating the scale, to increase the available free space in the bathrooms inspired us to develop the ShowerScale®.

GANGNAM®  We  developed  "Gangnam Brand" as new add value to  Korean companies which exported food products and beverages in the European Union. Also adding  to  top  global brands, flavors and sensations to their  EU products, which  requiring expand their ranges. GANGNAM®    for food & beverage in EU, NIZA CLASS 29,30,32 registered nº 011410974 on the 31/05/13. And NIZA CLASS 33 registered 14/08/13 nª011725082 for alcoholic beverages shared with Vicente Mompo owner at  Mompó Aromatic Products S.L specialize in making scents and natural extracts.

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